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Vincent Huizinga

Vincent was born in The Netherlands and spent several years living on a houseboat in Amsterdam while attending the HKU Art school in Utrecht. After graduating with a Bachelors in Fine Art he moved to France, set up a studio in a farmhouse barn. There, Vincent dedicated more than a decade painting and exhibiting his works in France, Denmark, The Netherlands, Germany, and Los Angeles. One of his favorite installations “Le images d’un autre pays” was a 16 x 45 foot “wall,” composed of 27 paintings exhibited for two years in a historic monastery in France.

Over the years Vincent’s work evolved into a contemporary, impressionistic style of paintings working with thin, transparent layers of acrylic paint, blending in figurative elements that bring depth and life to each piece. In 2006, Vincent relocated to California and currently lives in Connecticut where he continues to develop his style.


A Little History

From 1995 through 2005 “Stones” were the theme and inspiration for Vincent’s work. He made several monumental series of paintings using this theme, applying thin, almost transparent layers of acrylic paint, adding in subtle figures that appeared to be dancing around the canvas.

In preparation for the new millennium, in year 2000, Vincent painted a series of 27 works titled “Le images d’un autre pays,” symbolizing the laying of a new foundation, in anticipation of good times to come, step by step in the new millennium. The “Le images d’un autre pays” installation was a 16 x 45 foot “wall,” comprised of several paintings exhibited for two years in a historic monastery in France.

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